Like so many other Canadians, I am an immigrant and a proud Canadian citizen. I came to Canada as an experienced engineer in May 2000 and started working in that field shortly after I arrived in Toronto. I’ve worked for various high-tech companies since, and I have always been an exceptional employee, receiving stellar performance reviews. Aside from two speeding tickets, I’ve never been in any trouble, and I have always endeavoured to be a valuable member of society. However, when I asked Canada for protection of my children, my children and I were betrayed.

We were betrayed through lies and false statements made by judges, custody assessors, and police officers, and through the illegal actions of high-ranking officials and professionals. My children were made to feel guilty for loving their father. They were essentially shown that they are not allowed to bond with their father, or to learn his language, or even understand his culture, background, religion, or heritage. I was given the message that I was not allowed to be a part of my children’s lives.

My children have been punished for loving their father. This constant punishment has been abusive to them and me, a father whose daughters are his passion and his life.