The hardest thing I have ever experienced in my life has been watching my two young children suffer while I was powerless to help them. My daughters have been made to feel shame and guild only because they love a father who is an Iranian with the Muslim faith.

Although I never stopped fighting for them, I was not able to protect my daughters from the pain. I made them a promise, though. I promised them that I would never stop fighting and would not let their pain be in vain. I promised them that I would not let our suffering and story be silenced and that I would do everything in my power to showcase the effects of discrimination and racism that destroys lives and generations.

I wrote this book to tell my two daughters that it’s ok for them to love their father and that they don’t need to feel shame or guilt; to let them know that they have a good father and that’s what they deserve.

The second purpose of this book is to raise awareness and gain support to fight prejudice, racism, and discrimination in the Canadian legal system; to find others who also have a story to tell and to listen; to persuade you and all other Canadians to care, and take action on, this issue to prevent others and their children from becoming future victims.

This book is a true story, as well as a collection of well-documented facts and actions that show a clear pattern within the Canadian legal system. I rely on my experiences to reveal this pattern and to present my points. I have tried to show the methods and tools that are used for discrimination, and how these actions leave people with very few resources or little will to defend themselves, as well as how children can become victims of prejudice and discrimination in Canadian society. Even though I don’t believe that anyone would dispute that there is racism and discrimination in North America, I want to show how hurtful it can be.

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